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Programmer Internship

Programmer Internship for a topdown comedy fantasy RPG

We are developing a system heavy multiplayer crafting RPG game for PC and consoles with a team of 11 developers. We plan to release the game for Early Access in 2024 and keep on developing for a long time afterwards.


You will join the programming team of 4 members as an intern.


What Does the Internship Program Offer?

You will be paid for the duration of your internship. You might qualify to become a junior developer at the end of your internship period. 

Internship will last from 1 to 3 months according to your experience. It can start anytime. It has on-site, remote and hybrid working options. 


  • A team player attitude

  • Passion for PC & Console games

  • Hands on experience in Unity (with other commercial titles or jam games)

  • Strong ability with C# object-oriented programming language

  • Good understanding of common design principles and SOLID principles

  • Education in related areas

  • Knowledge of similar games (RPG + Survival Craft)

  • Latest graduation date: 2024


Nice to Have:

  • An in-depth knowledge of a game system.

  • Experience in PC / console game development.

  • Object oriented programming and SOLID principles.

  • Experience in profiling, optimizing and troubleshooting within Unity

  • Experience in version control systems such as git.

  • Living close to our office in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir University Galata campus. 


Job Description:

You will be assisting an existing programming team. Our current team can handle the development well with a packed schedule. We're looking forward to increase the quality of development in different areas such as:


  • Content Development (abilities, technologies, special items, quests, enemy behaviors)

  • Player Controller

  • Procedural Generation

  • UI/UX Development

  • Editor Tool Development

  • Network Development


We will find the perfect fit for you, according to your skills and our needs. 

What does the Internship experience involve?

You will experience a game development pipeline from design to implementation. You will have a chance to work with experienced developers during an important phase of the life cycle of a game project. 

What to expect from Nowhere Studios?

Nowhere Studios has been one of the pioneers of game development for PC & Consoles in Turkey. Monochroma, Dan Black, Piri Reis, Circadian City and Good Heavens! are all important projects for the regional industry. 


Many past interns and juniors started their own studios or moved to AAA development later on.


Currently we're developing a game with the biggest budget and expecting a big success which will hopefully enable a European studio in addition to our Istanbul studio and other opportunities for all team members. 

How to Apply?

Send a short motivation letter to and include your CV + portfolio.  You can apply in Turkish or in English.

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