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Monochroma is the first published game by Nowhere Studios. It has been developed in between 2011 and 2014. Monochroma is available on Steam, Xbox One and Fuze.

Monochroma has a unique approach to narrative in game design and told its entire plot without any written or spoken words. The story consists of an alternative past of 50's where an evil capitalist rules over a city.

 welcomes you to its new project; a sci-fi conspiracy game in which you chase the truth in a distant future planet.
There’ll be synth wave technology, future crimes, lost souls, big secrets, and somewhere along… the answers.
We really want to have your feedback on this. So, please subscribe here and we will share the text-base
version with you.
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a team of developers, artists and musicians from Istanbul, Turkey. Monochroma was our first attempt to create a new narrative form in games. With upcoming projects, we aim to change the way games are being told.


It’s the year 2561. 
Humans have managed to survive two fatal mistakes. 
Now, living under a space federation that spans systems, they are on the verge of greatness. 
But reliant on a reality that is increasingly augmented. 
When the hard-drinking detective Dan Black regains consciousness in a decrepit corner of the decadent planet Cygnus H, he realizes that his brain AR has failed him. 
What happened to him in the past?
What lies ahead in the future?
The choices Dan has to make in various encounters will light his path on this twisted planet and beyond. 



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For job inquiries and any other questions,
you can contact us at:
Nowhere Studios
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Sarıyer – İstanbul - Turkey